Thanksgiving break is over, and it is officially the end-of-semester crunch for all of us at Rutgers. Meaning these desires to express myself at odd hours of the late night / early morning are likely to become a lot more common, because I can only write when I’m really supposed to be doing something else.

Tonight I’m going to talk about text-based adventure games. Why? Because I look at most video games today and realize they’re full of shit, which leads me to believe we went wrong somewhere, which means I should go back to the beginning and see what was done right. The answer: Not a whole hell of a lot. “Interactive fiction” is next to unplayable, unless you have a lot of free time and brainpower. Which is funny, because people still run entire sites about the damn things, analyzing them and everything.

Well, now I’m going to piss off everyone by saying that I’ve played “Undo” by Neil deMause, and it was the most entertaining game I’ve experienced since Portal. It also had me banging my head against the wall in frustration, before I realized banging the neighbor’s dog’s head against the wall in frustration was a much more productive way to spend my time.



1. Wall-E