Happy Holidays, everyone!

Did you know that this Christmas…


Speaking as an individual who has only resided on the planet Earth for the past eighteen years, I find it deeply disturbing when people who have been breathing longer than I have can’t grasp the fundamentals of human nature.

Judith Miller’s article about the death of a Wal-Mart worker on Black Friday is one such example of not only missing the point, but hijacking the nearest airplane to sail straight over it. Backstory: Dude gets trampled under a crowd of people rushing to buy stuff. Miller’s opinion: We’re not focusing on this enough and just writing it off. My opinion: And what are we supposed to do about it? Cancel Christmas?

In a situation where there’s no one to blame, media outlets have turned to blaming capitalism and neurotransmitters for the tragedy. Miller takes it one step further by placing the blame on the entire fucking human race, effectively spreading the guilt so thin that everyone on Earth now has a severe case of the Nobody Cares.