Occasionally on Playing Dice, when I think I can write, I post short stories in pieces.

The Frogs

The Frogs is a short story about a man who wakes up one day to receive the news that his best friend is dead, and worse, he’s going to have to go find him. Mark Flavian, average ordinary Earthling with a thing for hot chocolate, descends into Hell with the mysterious Wes to look for his friend Ivan Taylor.

This story can now be found on chrislesiw.com.


Roads is a sequel, of sorts, to The Frogs. Most of the old characters return, so if you don’t know the background, you should probably skim or refer to The Frogs if you’re lost in Roads. In Roads, the (rather dull, in Elizabeth’s opinion) Offices of Fate inform Elizabeth that if she doesn’t find a certain “missing soul” that belongs in the swamp, she’ll lose her position as official frog-watching-person. She ends up being chased halfway across the Universe by an angry woman with “The Steeq,” imprisoned in the deepest parts of Hell itself, and even worse, forced to endure several days in a car with none other than Mark Flavian.

This story can now be found on chrislesiw.com.


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