Well, I can’t sleep.

Instead, I’ve decided to replay every addicting Flash game I can think of in one sitting. Or at least, until I got bored enough to make a blog post. Which is what I’m doing. Hey, look, Devil Dogs.

Those were some good Devil Dogs. Heh, I just mistyped “dogs” and it came out “gods”. They’re not exactly the gods of food though. That’s more like sushi. Seriously. I got sushi at the mall the other day, and I said “thank you” to the guy in Chinese. And he was all like “ZOMG”, but he wasn’t “ZOMG” really because I don’t think they have a “ZOMG” in Chinese.

I really want sushi right now.

Except, if I had sushi, I’d try to eat it and fail. On account of it being dark, y’see, and I couldn’t aim for the stuff with chopsticks. I’d probably get that sauce stuff all over my new mac, too, and that would suck because I couldn’t use my computer OR enjoy the full extent of my sushi.

Never mind that though. I had a reason for writing this post, if only I could remember what it was.



This is now my wallpaper, for two reasons. Firstly, it symbolizes the fact that I’ve made it through my first ever semester of college alive. Secondly, it’s a great “what the fuck” reaction provoker for people who might glance at my desktop. If anyone ever cared to glance at my desktop. If anyone ever cared at all. If anyone ever existed. Yeah, sorry about that, you don’t exist. Really sorry. Someone had to tell you the news. Your parents would have told you, but they don’t exist either. Your priest would have told you, but your priest doesn’t exist, on account of your God never existing. Anyway, download some wallpaper – it most certainly does exist.


Resolution: 1024×768

YouTube Comments - YouTube on the American economy.

I’m not sure what possessed me to combine Garfield comics and Korean sijo as my final Comparative Literature project, but here’s the result. At least you could say it’s a more creative idea than ripping off Dante. Because I’ve already done that with Frogs.

garfield-house-on-a-hill (more…)

Thanks to Mark for telling me about this one.

Although I can hear music in my head (better than hearing it in your feet I suppose), this is pretty much what all musical notation looks like for me.

The Death Waltz, aka what happens if you fall asleep on your keyboard while you have Finale open.

The Death Waltz, aka what happens if you fall asleep on your keyboard while you have Finale open.

Once, while practicing for a musical, I noticed that the musical direction “melted butter in three” was written in the score. To this day, I’m still not sure what it means.

You just lost it.

All the action, adventure, and heart-pounding action of the famous Windows game on the big screen!

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