Why you shouldn’t let me near photo-editing software


Happy New Year, everybody! Although today’s the happiest for Zune owners, whose music players have locked up as of the 31st due to Microsoft’s inability to predict leap years. After a day of complaints from those unfortunate enough to own 30GB Zunes, Microsoft finally issued an official response. It reads something like this: Uh… yeah… it should totally be fixed by tomorrow. Totally. Maybe.

Shame for anyone who planned on having music for a New Year’s celebration (see helpful illustration above, click to zoom).

P.S., yes, that comic represents how I picture software pirates. In ASCII boats.

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This is now my wallpaper, for two reasons. Firstly, it symbolizes the fact that I’ve made it through my first ever semester of college alive. Secondly, it’s a great “what the fuck” reaction provoker for people who might glance at my desktop. If anyone ever cared to glance at my desktop. If anyone ever cared at all. If anyone ever existed. Yeah, sorry about that, you don’t exist. Really sorry. Someone had to tell you the news. Your parents would have told you, but they don’t exist either. Your priest would have told you, but your priest doesn’t exist, on account of your God never existing. Anyway, download some wallpaper – it most certainly does exist.


Resolution: 1024×768

I’m not sure what possessed me to combine Garfield comics and Korean sijo as my final Comparative Literature project, but here’s the result. At least you could say it’s a more creative idea than ripping off Dante. Because I’ve already done that with Frogs.

garfield-house-on-a-hill (more…)

I went to Barnes & Noble with my good buddy Taco the other day. Eventually the computer books section began calling my name. It turned out they were calling for another Chris. How embarrassing. Oh well.

While we were there, I couldn’t resist taking this picture.

(P.S. I’m also submitting this to failblog. Let’s see how it goes.)

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