Stuff I should get around to categorizing

Would you like to submit a report to Mozilla? Again and again and again?In a desperate attempt to be cool like Internet Explorer, Firefox decided to crash on me yesterday. And again. And again. It was so enthusiastic, in fact, that it wouldn’t even start before it crashed. I’d just open it up and boom, there it went.

Unfortunately, its plans were foiled when I found Mozilla’s awesome crash support page and followed the instructions. It seems to be stable now, but then again, I’m sure that’s exactly what God said about humanity after the Flood.

There were some casualties involved in the fixup – mostly extensions I’d never used or got around to using. Upon their death, however, they decided they should guilt me a bit before they went.



I’ve started a Twitter done by one of my older characters, who you won’t find on any on-site stories. His name is Elk Cloner. He’s a bit… odd. You’ll just have to see. You can find his Twitter here.

UPDATE: I’ve abandoned the project for the time being. Maybe I’ll come back to it. Maybe pigs will fly into my car, too.

This is a post made simply to annoy any xkcd readers who read the hovertext in this comic. Oh yeah, and Roads is coming. Really. I’ll be back on this blog by next month (which is coming up quickly); other things have been keeping me busy, like I said.

Yep, I’m graduating, and as a nearly-finished high school senior, I am officially too lazy to update this blog for the next while.

A blog isn’t really a blog unless it contains a fair amount of whining, and I think I hit my limit after that last YouTube video one. But really, it makes me want to punch small, cute things. Grr.

Anyway, it seems like I’ve been focusing much too much on stuff that’s wrong. Quotation marks, video games, my own blog, et cetera et cetera and so on into infinity. So here’s something different: A blog post about how awesome the world is!

Things that are awesome:

  • Chocolate milkshakes. Seriously. Where would I be without chocolate milkshakes? Probably several pounds lighter.
  • White Castle. The only place I know that can make food out of plastic, although “food” is stretching it a bit.
  • Fnoodle. Fnoodle is an awesome name.
  • Lolcats. You can’t get much more awesome than them.
  • Johnny Depp. No explanation needed.
  • Ice cream.
  • Bubble wrap. I don’t care how non-nerdy you think you are, you cannot dispute the awesomeness of bubble wrap.

The world is clearly just freaking awesome. No need to panic.

Don’t let the fact that I’m in typing class fool you; I write stuff.


Look, I just wrote stuff. Right there. And there’s some more here. And even more below.

Every once in a while, you come across a website that you just don’t know what you would do without. For some, it’s Facebook. Others, it’s Google News, or YouTube. Maybe there’s a webcomic or something out there that you like. Hell, I don’t know, it might even be a torrent site or something to do with porn. But everyone has a site; not just one you view, one you have some kind of existence at.

Mine is called Uncyclopedia. It’s a parody of Wikipedia, which is easy to parody because Wikipedia is rapidly becoming a community of stuck-up bastards. “You’ve edited a page?! Shame on you! You didn’t read all twenty-three of our policies, or even the policy on reading polices!” Yes, I hate those people.

Uncyclopedia is my site because it’s fun, most of the time. Sometimes it gets plagued with drama or inactivity or just plain suckiness. But more importantly, I write stuff on there. And I had to make some kind of blog post to spam you with links, so here it is damn it! Keep in mind, Uncyclopedia is a wiki, and just because I wrote something at some time doesn’t mean it hasn’t been edited mercilessly since then. Maybe someone even edited it to make it funny, you never know.

Stuff I’ve written:

There’s lots of funny stuff on there, but I’ve linkspammed you enough for now. Go find it yourself. I’m too lazy! I’m just a blogger!