Comment hunting

YouTube Comments - YouTube on the American economy.


In case you were concerned about the intelligence level of America’s voters, look no further than this post in the New York Times Online.

Then again, Obama did get elected. Maybe it’s not as hopeless as it seems.

I hereby propose a new sport for the Internet addict: Comment hunting.

What is comment hunting?

Comment hunting is exactly what it sounds like: You find a post that’s bound to attract lots of stupid comments. For example, take a look at this graph representing the number of people God and Satan have each killed in the Bible. It’s religious, so it’s got to be controversial. Bam, the stupid comments come pouring in.

Where can I find a good place to hunt for comments?

Anything controversial on the Internet will attract stupid people that feel the need to express “their” opinion. I say “their” in quotation marks because it really isn’t “their” opinion, it’s the opinion of a book they’ve read, a television show they saw, or even another Internet post they glanced at, chewed up and spit out again onto a comment form.

What’s the point, then?

The point of comment hunting is to hunt for the worst comment on the page. This can be due to spelling errors, blantantly ignoring the laws of physics, sentences that contradict themselves, or any newly developed form of stupidity.

Let’s take a look at an example. (more…)