Cat ate my blog

well i dink teh hooman haz had enuff of a rest. i’z motivatin him 2 get bak to hiz blog soon. all dis typin makes mah claws tired, goddarn it!

in teh meantime feel free to klik random post alot. he sez iz perfektly gud form of entertainment. (he’z too buzy to post rite now, moar pee ess three).


i wuz browsin teh internetz when i diskovered dat i could b goin much faster if i surfed dem. so i didz.

teh internets, as u kno, is series of toobs. thxfully these toobs are nice and shinee so dat when i wuz surfin teh internets i could slide rite thru them. neway i kame across teh first attempt to dub over a teevee sho in lolcat.

i iz eternally grateful to teh person who didz dis, and dere lolcat translator of course. somday all will be lolcat an people will reed eezeer.

Dis b pretty much troo:

evah have wun of thoze dayz where gravitee just aint workin rite fer ya? i cant seems 2 land on mah feet. at leest, all at wunce.

y dont hoomans always land on dere feets? we hasta coordinate for. they only gots to. u’d think it’d be easier.

o well. jus wun of thoze dayz i guessh.

talk 2 ur kittehs aboot katnip. rememberz, katnip is bad fer u.

i am totally nawt on katnip right nao.

totally nawt. O SHIT FLYIN RADIOACTIVE MICE?!?! WTF?!?! omgz. omgz, i gets back 2 u. rum is spinnin. omgomgomgomg. puddin’. everywhear. woaaaaah pretty kolorz. and dats sayin somethin cuz kats can onlee see in blak and white. i am totally nawt on katnip! leeme alone! geez get bak 2 u latah.

hmm. hooman seemz glud 2 teevee. haz neu game system, teh pee ess three.

hoomans always laffin so hard when they gives us katnip or toyz, but u gives em a box and a coupla buttonz and theyre entertain’d fer hours.

go figgr.

so i wuz bak inside after a long nap under mah hooman’s kar and i wuz liek “i can haz internet access?” i went 2 my favoritest site evah, and while katchin up on teh lolcats, i findz dis post aboot a new holiday.

lookit dat, we gots our own lolcat holiday on teh eighth of august. iz long time away if u kounts it in kitteh months u kno.

lolday looks like lawts an lawts of fun. fer us kittehs. i personlly think we oughts to celebrate lolday by havin everywon take nap. iz wut kats do. or mebbe we kan kaption hoomans! altho i iz convinced dey do less dan us.

neway herez to lolday… ages an ages frum nao but still.

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