After months of neglecting my old blog, I’ve finally decided to reveal my new base of operations, which can be found here, and also here.

Story time: To explain, I’ve always wanted to have a website of my own, where I can post fiction. is great, but it’s never really been suited for the purpose of standard fiction writing. Blogs are, by nature, reverse-chronological order, and multi-page writing tends to move in a more natural – yet opposite – order. I wanted something where stories and blog posts have equal weight, instead of the reverse-chronology forcing the stories off the front page as more posts appear.

The problem: is anything but customizable. Sure, you have the choice between several different themes, but you can’t edit those themes. And plugins? WordPress users have been modifying WordPress for as long as they’ve been able to, and a wealth of plugins have collected as a result. And being on, I can’t use those.

So screw that. I’m on legit hosting now, and my site looks the way I want it to, with stories and posts both easily accessible from the front page. As of this writing, it’s really not much of a site yet, but it’s a step in the right direction for me.

Where is this blog now? All of the new material can be found on, and the archive of this blog can be found at Why move it? Because I’m tired of having my stuff scattered throughout the Internet – on WordPress, on Blogger, even on some other free webhosts. In the interest of halting this site for good, comments have been closed on anything older than one day – i.e. pretty much everything. Comments are open in the archived version, however, and I consider that version still active, whereas this version is kept frozen.

tl;dr New stuff here, old stuff here, follow me on Twitter here.