Somehow, I’m not sold:


Found while browsing around webcomic sites.

EDIT AND EXTREMELY HUMOROUS ANECDOTE: So yeah, I like, posted this, and then I was like “where’d my post go?!” and discovered that AdBlock had blocked my post. I know, right?! Like, such a bitch. Srsly, man. So now I totally redid the post avoiding all instances of the a-word. So there’s a lesson to be learned here: Don’t say “advertisement” in the title of a post. Unless you really hate the post and don’t want people to see it. Or at least the cool people, with AdBlock. Hey, maybe I’ve discovered a method to separate the cool people from the uncool people and show only the UNCOOL PEOPLE a blog post. So it’d have to be about how stupid they were. Like, “You Readers Are So Stupid You Could Be Entertained By Looking At A Flashing Advertisement”. And all the cool readers wouldn’t see it but the uncool readers would! And HEY PRESTO no more uncool readers.