This has got to be the most sick – yet hilarious – post I’ve read on the blogosphere today. Some poor woman updated her Twitter with something nasty about her daughters, and another woman called the cops on her. Woman A plays victim and blames Woman B for her actions.

Now, I’d like to point out that they were both being, probably, equally stupid. I’m not sure what the Twitter was in the first place, but clearly it was something awful enough to make someone else on the Internet take action. Anything that breaks the Bystander Effect is pretty serious business. Woman B obviously didn’t know Woman A’s style well enough to figure out she was exaggerating, or joking, or something of the sort. Well, that’s a shame.

But how disgraceful of a mother do you have to be to Twitter something bad about your daughter? First of all, you don’t put something easily misinterpreted on the Internet. That’s because it’s the fucking Internet. But secondly – I’d never even dream of putting something bad about my parents or any member of my family on the Internet, simply because they’re my family. We have a bond like that. But to attack someone in my family, younger than I? Come on; that’s new levels of pathetic. Had either of my parents done that to me, I’d think twice about looking up to them.

I don’t care that it was a joke, or sarcasm, either. There’s something pretty low about making sarcastic comments about your own kids on the Internet.

I don’t think anyone can really fully support either Woman A or Woman B here. B acted without understanding A’s perspective; A put something that could, apparently, be misinterpreted, in a public space. However, A playing victim for an entire blog post is a cracking good read. Check it out.

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