Text messaging has to be one of the most inefficient methods of communication developed since shouting. Texting consists either of repetitive button pressing, or “iTap” technology that continues to confuse “of” and “me”, “in” and “go”, and “good” and “home”. Then again, maybe I’m just embarrassed that my aunt can text faster than me.

Love it or hate it, it’s refreshing to know that as we continue to pour billions of dollars into developing new technology across the globe, we still manage to fuck up somewhere along the line now and again. Take this clip, for example.

Sure, you can’t truly compare the two technologies – you can’t carry around a telegraph in your pocket, for example, and expect it to cheerfully play the theme to The Lone Gunmen every time someone calls. The cellular phone is more portable, more personal, arguably more annoying. But it makes you wonder why this older technology still manages to beat out modern tech in speed.

Maybe cell phones should include a morse-to-text tool? Personally, I don’t think we have quite enough shit on phones yet.