This is what fun looks like.

This is what fun looks like.

Desert Bus.

The worst video game ever created.

In it, you, the player, must drive a bus from Tuscon, Arizona, to Las Vegas, Nevada. In real time. In a bus that veers to the right and can’t go over forty-five miles an hour.

And if you survive the unpauseable, eight-hour trip to Las Vegas, you receive one point.

As of this post, the comedy group LoadingReadyRun is still playing it, taking turns but non-stop, without sleep, with the only “entertainment” coming from a chat room with about 300-500 people in it asking them stupid questions.

“Why?” you ask. “Why would these people put themselves through such brain damage?” Suddenly you realize what you’re putting yourself through for the end-of-semester crunch and think, “I really shouldn’t talk!” That’s right. Now shut up.

The truth is, LoadingReadyRun is putting themselves through this torture to raise money for the charity Child’s Play, an organization founded and supported by gamers worldwide to bring entertainment to children in hospitals and distract them from their present condition. LoadingReadyRun continues to play Desert Bus as long as they continue to get donations, and as of this writing they have made over $50,000.

Be sure to check out the live cam and the official site. It’s pretty awesome, even if the game isn’t.