right wing kitteh  can't think outside box

Yes, I’m still here, believe it or not. I’ve just been busy with a new project. I’d love to tell you what it is, but it’d ruin the surprise. It’s a new story, to say the least, but it’s a bit more involved than just that.

In other news, my apologies to people who have been waiting on the last part of Roads. I’m working on it right now, along with college stuff, the website for my church, and dancing around the shore house I’m in to get an Internet connection.

By the way, range extenders are the most useful things when it comes to leeching Internet off unsuspecting neighbors – you plug one of these suckers in near a place where you get the strongest signal, and it boosts the signal throughout the house.

At any rate, I’m partway through the final chapter of Roads, and it looks like these characters still have a lot of story left in them. If I ever get around to doing a third story, it will be:

  1. A miracle;
  2. Entitled HELP! I’m trapped on a blue-greenish rock in the middle of space – AND I CAN’T STOP PARTYING!;
  3. Put up around October or November at the earliest;
  4. Long.

Yeah, I’m tired of short stories and short titles. The title, I may as well tell you, is the name of the secret Facebook group that supernatural beings have.

I’d love to say when the last part of Roads will be done, but I just don’t know. Stay tuned. Or don’t.

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