This is Playing Dice, preparing you for anything and everything you may come across on your journeys across the Internet.

For those of you who thought upside-down text was bad, prepare yourself for the next level in lameness, uselessness, and annoyingocity: ROT13!

What is this horrible thing called ROT13, you may ask? Well, damn good question, but you’ll quake in fear at the answer. ROT13 is a simple encryption algorithm in which every letter is moved 13 places further in the alphabet than it originally was. For example, “A” becomes “N”, “Z” becomes “M”, and simple communication becomes a headache.

But fear not! Online translators exist to assist you in combating the evil that is ROT13. However, it will not, repeat, not, protect you from the eye-raping stupidity of whatever the original message was. Decode ROT13 at your own risk!

For those of you who want to take it a step further, there are over variations of ROT13, including, but not limited to: ROT5, ROT18, and ROT47. If you really want to mindfuck (psychological term) your fellow Internet users, take a gander at this handy translator!

And thus ends this completely informative and innocent blog post! Exclamation point!