is a website that allows you to do exactly as it says – post an exam you have taken on the site.

It’s an interesting idea – allow students to be prepared for exams in a particular class in the best way possible, by showing them old ones. It’s how AP teachers prepared us for AP tests, so why shouldn’t it work for in-class tests as well?

Understandably, there’s a bit of controversy over the site. The site apparently allows a teacher to ban exams from their class if he or she wishes, although somehow I doubt that’s foolproof. Most of the opposition for the site comes from professors or teachers too lazy to generate new tests. Yes, I called them lazy, because that means one of two things:

  • You don’t have that many tests and you’re being lazy about redoing the ones you have, or
  • It’s impossible to redo all the tests because you have too many of them, meaning you’re overtesting your students – letting the tests do the teaching instead of the teacher.

For either situation, I have no sympathy. I think this is a nice sharp poke in the posterior for lazy teachers, and the more active ones who don’t just sit on their cirriculum and bore students to death have nothing to worry about.