So I wasn’t imagining things: The PlayStation 3 really does look like a George Foreman grill.

These guys certainly thought so. They turned a fully functional PlayStation 3 – and this was quite a while ago, when the PS3 was still new – into a fully functional grill. Say the folks from Engadget:

[T]hese sadistic modders decided to hollow out their fresh purchase and replace all the high-tech magic with a common tabletop griddle. Their mission statement claims that the project was carried out to garner fame and glory, and for a very brief amount of time, they will indeed be on top of the world. Soon, however, everyone will forget about this amusing distraction in favor of playing their new gaming systems, while all these guys will have are a hopelessly outdated PS2 and a couple of leftover steaks.

As for me, I’m really not sure what to think. I’m mostly too relieved that I’m not crazy. Well, not that crazy.

It looks like Engadget was right: The PS3-grill people had their fifteen minutes of fame and left. The original site,, has since been abandoned, but is still available in the Wayback Machine.

Here’s a video of the PS3 grill in action:

From the YouTube video’s comments:

this is so fake! the power lights are not even on! how could you cook something on the ps3 if the lights are not even on!! It looks like a skillet in side of a ps3 case!! No one buy this garbage!

No shit, sherlock. <3