An Open Letter to the Internet

Dear Internet:

We’ve had some good times. We’ve had some bad times. We’ve had some times where you decided to drop shock images on my monitor and dumped viruses into my hard drive. I love you for who you are, I really do.

But please. There’s this one little thing you do that irks me. And it’s not the pop-up ads anymore, I’ve got those taken care of.

It’s the dollar sign.

See, you haven’t learned yet that the dollar sign goes before the number. Here, let me show you:

The dollar sign goes BEFORE the number. Please, for the love of God, we all know “dollars” is said after the number, but don’t express your money like this:

…it’s supposed to be like this.

NOT after the number. And most certainly not this:

Hello, redundancy much?

Let’s just stick to the formula.

The dollar sign goes before the number.

The dollar sign goes BEFORE the number.


Man, if you can’t express your money right, you shouldn’t be allowed to handle it. If you know of anyone who has the delusion that, for some reason, the dollar sign goes somewhere after the number, you may want to point them to these handy diagrams. It’s a serious disease and needs to be treated immediately. These are also the sorts of people that leave CAPS LOCK ON, and think you can type LOL when you’re not really laughing out loud, the liars.

Please. Save the brain cells of the smarter population. Put the dollar sign before the number.