This is Playing Dice, reminding you that if you’re going to waste time on the Internet, you might as well waste time reading funny stuff.

Featured July 3rd: UnBooks:The Night I Slept with Björk by The Thinker
Featured July 4th: Hippies by Necropaxx
Featured July 5th: William Gladstone by Procopius
Featured July 6th: Insomnia by Orian57
Featured July 7th: UnBooks:Ill Met by Moonlight by Hardwick Fundlebuggy
Featured July 8th: UnBooks:One Hundred and Seventy Three Haikus About Stuff; Mostly Office Supplies (Annotated And Abridged) by RAHB
Featured July 9th: David Bowie by Sycamore
Featured July 10th: UnBooks:A Day in the Life of Redirect by YesTimeToEdit
Featured July 11th: What Would Jesus Do? by Cheapinitreal

There you have it, folks, a bit more than a week’s worth of features.