After I’d finished my short story in the forums, Cajek hopped in and wrote an ending bit.

Cajek, a friendly hermit and part-time caveman, was tired after a relaxing night of Uncyclopedia. After carving on the cave wall for so long, he finally finished an idea for a story and how to whore it. Grunting and squeeling, still missing his little heart friend, he lumbered over towards the fire and turned on the plasma television.

“I’m here with Mr. Skullthumper, a local doctor-“ the newslady said.

“Actually, I changed my name legally to DOCTOR Skullthumper,” the nice looking young man in a labcoat beside her said.

“Doctor Skullthumper, can I call you Skull?”

“Are you my mom?” Dr. Skullthumper angrily said.

“er, no…”

“Then no. …Dumb bitch.”

“Uh, anyway, I’m here with Doctor Skullthumper, who just saved an old man’s life. How did you do it?”

“If I do say so myself, I AM worthy of an award. I operated on that old geezer right there in the restraunt.”

The little pictures on the screen fascinated Cajek, and he recognized one of the pictures.

“Oog, oog, Skull!” he grunted, noisily eating his mongoose. Throwing animal parts at the screen, he only got more excited. “OOG! SKULL! ME CAJEK! LOOK!” he yelled in his pigeon English, but to no avail. As he threw the meerkat’s- or whatever it was- blood at the television screen, and on his monocle and top hat by accident, he paused in astonishment, his monocle falling to the floor.

The picture of Dr. Skullthumper on the screen, talking about the intricacies of heart transplants, held up a photograph of Cajek’s little friend, the old man’s heart.

“RAWR! YAARRR! OOG!” He grunted and squeeked. Cajek hopped about the cave excitedly, memories of all the good times he had with the heart rushing into his tiny, tiny brain. He remembered the day at Busch Gardens with the little heart at his side, and the time they took on that mastadon.

“GOOD TIMES.” Cajek grunted.