so i wuz bak inside after a long nap under mah hooman’s kar and i wuz liek “i can haz internet access?” i went 2 my favoritest site evah, and while katchin up on teh lolcats, i findz dis post aboot a new holiday.

lookit dat, we gots our own lolcat holiday on teh eighth of august. iz long time away if u kounts it in kitteh months u kno.

lolday looks like lawts an lawts of fun. fer us kittehs. i personlly think we oughts to celebrate lolday by havin everywon take nap. iz wut kats do. or mebbe we kan kaption hoomans! altho i iz convinced dey do less dan us.

neway herez to lolday… ages an ages frum nao but still.