hey look i postin sum more, k? den i goes outside. katch u laterz.

Louis: Have you contemplated killing Christopher and all things related to him in the past 2 days?
Smokey: hmm no i haz not. howeverz ai think u might b a lil crazee. mebbe c psykologist kat? psykologist kat is in ur mind, fixin ur antishocial personalitee dishorder, and also chargin u lotsa munnys. mental inshtabilitee: DO NOT WANT

Brandon: What sort of dirty secrets do you know about Christopher that the public wouldn’t otherwise have access to? Do tell! We deserve to know!
Smokey: aktually chris cleens out his sekrets 1ce a month at least so dey dont get dirty. i kno plentee of kleen 1es, tho. howeverz u dont deserves 2 kno, becuz u havent petted meh. pet meh and i tell u’z everythin. iz simple liek dat. i will tellz u, his favorite werd ish “antithesis”. dont ask y, he’z weird even four a hooman.

Autumn: 1) What’s in your pocket.
2) Have you ever tried catnip? If so, what was it like?
3) Do cats have no sense of decency? Why the baths in public?
Smokey: thx 4 ur kwestion. iz hawt outside an i has nothin better 2 do than browse teh internets.
1) in mah poket iz wut everee kat should has: emergencee kit. i can has food, i can has wadder, i can has bandaids (altho hurt lots 2 take off), i can has can opener (4 syckological therapee), and i can has spare purrer if mah original breaks down.
2) yesh i has. i don’t recommendz it. i sees lots an lots of invishable mice 1 tiem and tried swipin at dem onlee to find out dey never exishted! how embarrassin. alsho remember, katnip can get kittehs in trubble. onlee u can talk to ur kittenz about katnip.
3) woah hold teh fortz. whatchu talkin about? 1 tiem i was on teh compooter unsoopervised an saw ALL sorts of teh things hoomans do in public an on kamera 2! at least WE has decencee becuz: we dont let ourselves beh rekorded, and at least we lik our OWN buts thx u very much.

Julee: What can you do that Chris can’t?
Smokey: julee? smokee? i can haz rhymin namez?!
neway one of teh manee things i can do dat chris cannah do iz climb trees. chris can not haz coordination = chris can not haz tree climbin abilitiez. clumsy hooman.
i can alsho communikate with teh dead, but thats whole nother storee.

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