Everyone knows that the younger siblings get all the attention. However, few people realize that they get all the luck, too.

Consider my little brother, an adamant Back to the Future viewer. I don’t know if you know or remember the movies, but the time machine’s made out of a De Lorian car. My little brother’s made a De Lorean car out of Legos and all sorts of things. Anyway, a De Lorean car is a relatively rare sort of car, the only car manufactured by the De Lorean company according to Wikipedia. As we were driving home from a family outing at a Japanese restaurant – a really good Japanese restaurant, by the by – we passed by a pizza place.

My little brother starts shouting that there’s a De Lorean parked in front of the pizza place. I start shouting for him to stop shouting. Some shouting ensues, followed by much quieter shouting. We turn the car around, we drive back to the pizza place, and lo and behold, it’s a goddamn De Lorean car.

As we climb out of our car and my little brother starts inspecting the thing, I hear some voices in the background: “That can’t be… nah, it’s gotta be… trust me bro, it is…” Turning around, I see three guys crossing the street, curious as to the car’s identity. “Yes, it’s a De Lorean,” I tell them, confident that if anybody had it right, it was my little brother.

He begins lecturing the small crowd about De Loreans and the history thereof and the use of one in Back to the Future and so on and so forth. Random guys number one, two, and three, along with my little brother, find the car’s owner outside the pizza place and convince him to open the car up. My little brother looks around the interior like it’s some sort of dream come true for him. And it probably is. His fortune cookie said he’d get something like this.

The owner invited us to a car show that Wednesday, which, sadly, got rained out. I actually have some pictures of my little brother and I next to the De Lorean, but the Internet has decided not to cooperate with me tonight. I’ll upload them some other time.