so mah hooman is all like, screw teh blog thing. updatin’ so much? DO NOT WANT.

but he left his compooter unsecured, which is a bad idea yer know cuz some itteh bitteh kitteh paws could get on it while hez still logged in an’ stuff.

i decided i’ll be in his compooter, postin on hiz blog, cuz he aint doin anythin excitin with it u kno?

lemme introduce miself. mah name iz smokey, smokey teh kat. i mostlee sit around doin nothin all day, liek a kat is supposed 2 do. sumtiems teh hoomans tri to tempt me into doin stuff but i resist!

ive owned chris for 12 years or somethin nao. hes trained rele good. mebbe a lil slo on teh food deliveree department but otherwize he’s kewl.

neway all dis typin makes me tired. gonna go take a nap. catch u laterz.