OMFGz mah hoomans nawt listenin 2 meh. screeeew.

i iz nawt knew 2 teh interwebs, u understand. 1ce i hadz mispace. den i lost passwerd, it gawt haked, all sorts of bad thingz. iz weird, it startin spammin stuff about increasin hairball size. didnt kno ladees found hairballz attraktive. thought they wuz smelle and makes mesh.

do nawt understand hoomans and compooterz. i onlee been usin dis on and off today and i noticed 3 thingz:

1. u kannot eat it
2. u kannot make it pet u no matter how hardz u tri
3. u kannot make things open bi meowin.

iz stoopid stuff.

at least i iz not kitteh noob. u kannot imagine hao many kittehs start usin compooters becuz they think “oh a mous”. well guess wut noobcakes! iz not RELE a mous. iz rele a INPOOT DEVISE. honestlee. so remember kittehs: do not let teh mous intice u.