I’m a religious person myself, but I don’t see the need to get all riled up about a lolcat-based image.

Take a look at this:

I thought it was pretty clever, myself. But that’s not the funny part. The funny part comes from reading the comments posted on it.

I think rakudave should have distinguished between (a)people killed by God, (b) people killed in the name of God, and (c) people killed by the Israelites who claimed that God told them to kill.

The idea behind a joke is that it’s quick and to the point. Some would say funny, even. It doesn’t have to be accurate.

God killed the people during the flood that were under the influence of Satan so it’s Satan’s fault that God killed them.

Nobody cares.

… At best, giving the person the benefit of the doubt, this is a successful attempt at division. At worst, it is a slap in the face to over a billion people who follow Christianity, Judaism and Islam. …

Yeah, somebody made a joke chart with the intent of dividing the atheists from the religious. You can almost imagine the guy sitting there, giggling to himself, plotting his world domination. “Oh, I’ll split them all up,” he laughs, “divide and conquer, don’t you know! Now, how to do it… I won’t make a book, no, that’s too simple, they’ll be expecting that… I’ve got it! I’ll make a lolcat graph! That’ll show them!”

In reality, this graph is scanned from a book – it’s not even user-made, and the book isn’t out to bash religion, it’s out to bash everything. There, now everyone’s bashed equally, no divisions to worry about.

I can see the attempt at humor, but his graph falls short of the wit and cleverness of the others I have seen. It seems as though the composer of this graph was merely looking to make an inflammatory statement to see how the general public would react.
Its a shame that said composer had to resort to insulting the religious beliefs of others to garner a little attention and kudos as opposed to using his candor and imagination.

So, humor should never be used to make a statement? Creativity isn’t allowed to make the general public think?

I pray for the stupid people.

See, this is what I don’t understand. If God is so almighty and powerful, how is he going to feel threatened by a picture on the Internet? And if “The Truth” really can speak for itself, why do people feel the need to argue for it? Doesn’t add up.