That went well. Despite some lag in the middle, I mean. Okay, so I missed Tuesday and Wednesday. Real life does things like that sometimes.

And so concludes The Frogs. I hope you enjoyed it – it’s my first real short story in awhile. Often, I find myself writing in the same Universe with the same characters. For The Frogs, I had to construct an entirely different Universe and write in it. I’m thrilled about how some of the parts came out and not so thrilled about the others, but it’s my first story I’m not ashamed to post on the Internet.

Apparently it’s gotten some attention from Uncyclopedia, because several people there have messaged me and commented me about it. Some have even come up with interesting interpretations of it. If you’ve got anything clever to say about the story, or even if you just want to complain about how bad it was, feel free to leave a comment.

Despite how long it took to write, The Frogs was a lot of fun and a different sort of challenge for me. My writing tends to ramble on a lot, and a while back I was challenged to write a complete story in under thirty pages. The Frogs, in 12-point Bookman Old Style, finishes before the end of page twenty-five.

If you want to link to the story, it starts here:

I’m pretty damn excited about it. Also, you’ll notice the blog now has a “Random Post” button – I’m pretty damn excited about that too. Random buttons are endless sources of entertainment. Then again, so is Silly Putty.

For those of you wondering about the theme of it, it is this: Hope is Hell, Heaven is faith, and the worst thing you can do to someone is take away their identity.

Now, we return you to our regularly scheduled blog.