Another assignment we got in typing class was to write a letter to someone asking them if they’d like to see a particular show. I chose Young Frankenstein as the show because it was still running through my head at the time.

Here’s how the letter turned out:

Hey there. Glad to hear you got out of jail. Stab a customer a couple of times and suddenly the law’s all over you, huh? Go figure. Anyway, to celebrate your freedom, I figured we might try to get tickets to Young Frankenstein sometime soon. Don’t worry, it’s not a horror movie or anything – I remembered about your “weak bladder” condition and all that. And don’t worry, nobody knows except me, my closest friends, and everyone on that Internet forum I was on the other day. But seriously, that one story when you were on the roller coaster just had to be told. Once you dried off and apologized to the kids, I’m sure you had a good laugh about it too, underneath that panic-stricken exterior.

At any rate, Young Frankenstein is a musical. A Mel Brooks musical, in fact. Remember The Producers and those great songs like “Prisoners of Love”? No offense meant by that, or anything. But Young Frankenstein is about Victor von Frankenstein’s grandson, Fredrick Frankenstein. He’s in denial about being a part of the Frankenstein line, and even insists on pronouncing his last name “Franken-steen” to further separate himself from his family history. But he gets sucked into it eventually, with a lot of dancing and singing and witty lines, until he builds a giant, seven-foot-tall, rampaging, green monster. On a completely different subject, are you still on those medications? Just wondering. The doctor said not to go off them, you know. Just figured I’d mention.

Take a look at and let me know if you’re interested. I’d really love to go with you, and some of my friends, especially one or two in law enforcement. Anyway, talk to you later, and try to stay out of the cooler, okay?