For those of you that haven’t been paying attention, lately I’ve been posting the stuff I’ve written in typing class. Predictably enough, I’m going to continue doing just that.

One of our last assignments was to come up with a fictional summer camp, and do several things with it. Mine turned out to be Camp Jesus. The first part of the assignment was to write a letter to be sent out to several people to ask them to teach at our summer camp:

Dear Occupant:

The school year is coming to a close, and parents everywhere are looking forward to shoving their children out the door into a summer camp of some kind. Camp Jesus has been providing parents stress relief for years now, and we are reaching out to the community to find more people passionate about working with and teaching kids. Everyone has a special talent or skill that can be shared with the younger generation, even you.

God calls to all sorts of people. He is the telemarketer of the spiritual world, trying to call each and every one of us to follow His word. Is He calling you? Or are you yet another disconnected phone in the suburban home of the Universe? If He is calling you to Camp Jesus, call us or e-mail us about what you would like to each. Pray about it and let us know what time you may be willing to take out of your schedule to do God’s work.

Camp Jesus is founded on the principle that even God thought His Son needed summer camp. Jesus’s few years on this planet were like camping out on another world to him. Even God needed some time away from His only Son. We are here to provide children their own camping experience, similar to Jesus’s, except without the miracles like walking on water and whatnot. Pray, and if God is ringing you up, let us know.


Christopher J. Lesiw

Jesus Camp Assistant and Spiritual Advisor