The Internet is full of idiots. This is common knowledge. You’re reading a post done by one of these idiots right now. You might leave an idiotic comment, or you might be even more of an idiot by not leaving a comment, you asshole.

Sometimes there are gathering places for these idiots. One of these such places is 4chan. I suppose the best way to describe 4chan would be the sewage system of the Internet. All of the junk and porn drains down into it, as well as the misfits that couldn’t find their own site to chat on (and don’t have anyone in real life to talk to). Sometimes, though, from the depths of 4chan, the right stuff mixes together and creates a monster that rampages around the upper parts of the Internet. Lolcats, in fact, originated from 4chan. It’s the “monkeys at typewriters” theory, if you’ve got enough people doing stupid random things, some of it’s bound to come out to be genius.

I don’t suggest you go to 4chan. It’s disgusting. Don’t be fooled by its new, shiny, professional look. It’s still the sewage system it always has been. The rest of the ‘chans aren’t much better, and I’m not even going to bother mentioning them.

There are other, more browsable places that you can find stupidity, or rather the results of it. My newest discovery is Yahoo! Answers. It’s a place that was a “good idea at the time,” but now it’s plagued by stupid questions. Didn’t think there was a such thing as a stupid question? Don’t be fooled. There’s things on there involving 12-year-olds asking about puberty and masturbation, and boy, do those kids ever get a rude awakening or two in the answer section.

Not that I think it’s a bad idea that these kids are curious, but what kind of parents do you have to have that the Internet is a friendlier place to ask than them? I’m not saying the kids are stupid, but the parents certainly are. Leave the kids in the dark about life, but give them unsupervised access to the Internet? Brilliance! Still, if you’re a heartless, uncaring human being like I am, you’ll have fun browsing through some of the newest questions. Here’s one that’s considered a classic, and here’s the flash movie made to parody it.

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