Didn’t think I’d make it into June, did you? Well, neither did I. Yet here I am, writing a blog post that will be published in June. Wow. Just wow.

I seriously need a life.

Then again, so do you, you’re the crazy person reading this.

Anyway, blogging is more fun than I thought it would be. Any random thought that pops into my head becomes a blog post. It doesn’t really matter if people are actually reading all this or not, because it still forces me to write a certain amount a week. Although if you are, that’s awesome.

Meanwhile, I’m stuck in the story I’m writing, and wondering once again where ideas come from. I attack a story from both the beginning forward and the ending backward, it’s just the meeting-them-up bit that drives me crazy. Often writing without direction causes dead space, and that’s no fun to write or to read.

It’d be nice if you could turn inspiration on and off, if you could get ideas when you needed them most. For instance, this post is about as uninspired as the average English class “home journal”. Nothing clever. Nothing witty. Just give up, there’s nothing good or halfway decent about this post at all.

I’m going to go eat breakfast. Go somewhere else and play something.