I’ve never had a school event go as well as prom did. Usually something goes totally wrong. By the time it was six o’clock and everyone was piling into the limo, I was half-expecting the thing to explode. Really, though, everything went without a hitch. I’d make this paragraph funnier, but my brain is hardly able to churn out sentences.

Our limo was obnoxiously large. I loved seeing everyone’s expressions when they got into it. People lit up like the gently fluctuating interior, myself included. No matter how many times I’ve ridden with my family in a limousine or party bus, I’m still amazed with how comfortable it is. Hey, it was even a comfortable ride with sixteen other people in it.

When we pulled up, everyone’s attention turned to the curb-hogging limo of ours. Parents and other prom-goers took pictures. We were planning to get out much slower with at least one of us looking around saying, “What now, bitches!” or “We could put your limo in our limo!”

From there, it only got better. I’m glad to say everyone looked like they were having a blast. Damn well hope so.

For me, I dressed up in a top hat and cane. I guess you could have looked at my situation one of two ways: Either I didn’t have a date, or I was free to dance with anyone. I think it’s safe to say my outfit caught a lot of people’s attention… There was only one person dressed up similar to me, except in white. We almost had a cane duel at the end of the night, but some of the teachers gave us tired, nasty looks.

This has been a journal-style blog post. May I never do a post like this again unless I have something funny to say. But hell, it was prom, give me a break.