What I should be doing, considering this post is scheduled for the 30th of May, is talking about prom. It is, after all, prom night; at this point, I’ll be halfway through the prom itself. Well, all I have to say about prom is: If you’re reading this right now, why didn’t you go?! Seriously.

This being my blog and all, however, I don’t actually care what I should be writing about. So I’m just going to write. Tough cookies.

YouTube is an awesome thing, isn’t it? Post videos of yourself yappin’ away, or maybe tripping some old lady in the supermarket. (I have to get someone to do that someday.) YouTube itself is a great place to browse if you’re really bored out of your skull and there’s nothing good on TV. But there’s nothing I hate more than the dreaded random YouTube link.

When you’re in the middle of an IM conversation, or a chatroom, and someone – without any description of that the video is – posts that familiar looking URL:


Then they proceed to say, “WATCH IT!!!”

So you’re going to make me stop talking to you, as well as the other four or five people I might be talking to at the time, to watch a 5-minute clip of a terrible music video, or another Dramatic Hamster spin-off, or, God forbid, Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley. Now I have to put everything on hold just to watch this damn video that isn’t even funny anyway.

Granted, there are some YouTube videos that are worth the watch, but most aren’t even worth the page load. And there’s nothing wrong with linking to YouTube videos, but for the love of God, at least tell me what the hell it is!

The only thing that’s worse is when someone gives you a 9-minute clip and you watch it in a moment of weakness – and the person proceeds to IM you during those nine minutes. Shut up. Just shut up.

Then again, maybe they’re just trying to get me to shut my trap for five minutes. Hmm…