A blog isn’t really a blog unless it contains a fair amount of whining, and I think I hit my limit after that last YouTube video one. But really, it makes me want to punch small, cute things. Grr.

Anyway, it seems like I’ve been focusing much too much on stuff that’s wrong. Quotation marks, video games, my own blog, et cetera et cetera and so on into infinity. So here’s something different: A blog post about how awesome the world is!

Things that are awesome:

  • Chocolate milkshakes. Seriously. Where would I be without chocolate milkshakes? Probably several pounds lighter.
  • White Castle. The only place I know that can make food out of plastic, although “food” is stretching it a bit.
  • Fnoodle. Fnoodle is an awesome name.
  • Lolcats. You can’t get much more awesome than them.
  • Johnny Depp. No explanation needed.
  • Ice cream.
  • Bubble wrap. I don’t care how non-nerdy you think you are, you cannot dispute the awesomeness of bubble wrap.

The world is clearly just freaking awesome. No need to panic.