It occurs to me that my blog isn’t quite bloglike enough. It doesn’t have enough boring personal anecdotes that don’t apply to the reader at all, and it certainly doesn’t have enough spelling and grammatical errors. This post is an attempt to rectify that.


so liek srsly, 1 time i was tryin to learn how 2 drive. and i was in this driving school and stuff and this fat guy is sittin next to me tellin me to give it more gas! give it more gas! and i was like you’ve got enuff gas in ur own belly lol but i didnt say it cuz that wouldve been r00d.

but b4 that i was drivin by myself and i was like scared outta my WITS lemme tell ya. it was like HOLY SHIT IM DRIVIN THIS GIANT THING WITH WHEELS and woaaaah im supposed 2 be in control of it?!?!? but i totally made it alive altho i was shakin a lot

but after my 6 hrs and my license (which was ez as hell 2 get!!!) i got totaly lost drivin home 1ce. after that i wasnt afraid of driving anymore but i was afraid of gettin lost alot. which i still do.

thx-fully my brother is like a gps unit (LOL GPS UNIT SOUNDS LIKE G-UNIT!!!! WOOT!!!) so he can tell me where 2 go from now on but when im drivin by myself im a rele good driver i just suk at directions :(

1 time i was in a car with my friend and he drove so fast it was like cheatin death, i was laughin so hard cuz i knew i could totally die at any moment cuz hes an idiot, but it waz gr8!!


ALSO CANT SOUNDS LIEK SOMETHIN 2 LOLLLLLLLERCOASTER (by which i mean the philosopher d00d immanual kant o’ course u sick bastards!!)

Wow. I think a part of my soul just died.

Never. Again.