Don’t let the fact that I’m in typing class fool you; I write stuff.


Look, I just wrote stuff. Right there. And there’s some more here. And even more below.

Every once in a while, you come across a website that you just don’t know what you would do without. For some, it’s Facebook. Others, it’s Google News, or YouTube. Maybe there’s a webcomic or something out there that you like. Hell, I don’t know, it might even be a torrent site or something to do with porn. But everyone has a site; not just one you view, one you have some kind of existence at.

Mine is called Uncyclopedia. It’s a parody of Wikipedia, which is easy to parody because Wikipedia is rapidly becoming a community of stuck-up bastards. “You’ve edited a page?! Shame on you! You didn’t read all twenty-three of our policies, or even the policy on reading polices!” Yes, I hate those people.

Uncyclopedia is my site because it’s fun, most of the time. Sometimes it gets plagued with drama or inactivity or just plain suckiness. But more importantly, I write stuff on there. And I had to make some kind of blog post to spam you with links, so here it is damn it! Keep in mind, Uncyclopedia is a wiki, and just because I wrote something at some time doesn’t mean it hasn’t been edited mercilessly since then. Maybe someone even edited it to make it funny, you never know.

Stuff I’ve written:

There’s lots of funny stuff on there, but I’ve linkspammed you enough for now. Go find it yourself. I’m too lazy! I’m just a blogger!