My last blog post involved cats. This blog post will too. Continuity! Yay!

I don’t know if you’ve heard of the site I Can Has Cheezburger. For those of you too lazy to click on the link, the site is made up of pictures of cats with cute captions. The cuteness will literally suck some of your brain cells out of your head. So it’s pretty cute, right? It’s kinda cool, right? Nah, you’re probably too “manly” to say it’s cool, because it’s a bunch of cats. But you get the idea.

Now get this: The people that run the site are so rich that they’re hiring someone to work for them. They’re so rich they got away with painting a three-story high cat that had the caption “INVISIBLE BIKE” written underneath it. Look at the story. Notice the car. The car, people!

So basically, these guys got rich by making a site that hosts pictures with cats and captions that are less than fifteen words each. Wouldn’t that be sweet, coming up with a good enough idea, making a website out of it, and never having to work again because you’ve got a site full of cat pictures?

For those of us that are too “intellectual” (read: heartless) to enjoy pictures of cats, check out their sister site, full of captioned pictures of politicians.

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