Well, every blog has to have its first post. So here’s mine. I’m going to admit this straight out to you: I don’t have a clue what I’m doing.

Today I randomly decided to make a blog. I don’t know why; all my previous attempts failed horribly. I tried to make one on MySpace, and I forgot about it. (For the record, I’ve also forgotten about MySpace, HTML-eating piece of junk that it is.) I tried to make one here, on Blogger, before, but I didn’t like that much either. Besides, I didn’t get any comments, and what was the point of making a blog if it didn’t somehow trick me into feeling important?

Yet here I am again, proving that I didn’t learn a thing by writing another blog post.

Apparently on blogs, you’re supposed to talk about random things that come to your mind. Well, at the moment, my aunt’s cat is on my mind. Not literally, mind you, although it wouldn’t surprise me if she did that.

My family randomly takes trips down to Ocean Gate, down by Toms River, during the spring and summer. Recently we have had the pleasure of my aunt’s new cat, Havelock, visiting us.

I always knew the thing was retarded from the moment I met her. (Not my aunt.)

We got the cat for my aunt a week before her birthday. It stayed in our house. It couldn’t walk, for one thing. It never figured out how to pull in its claws. It was a tiny black fuzzball that somehow managed to scale my bed to fall unconscious on my lap from time to time. That was our bonding time, I guess. Now Havelock either hates me or loves me. I’m not sure what it is, but she comes racing towards me, eyes wide, at random times, as though to attack, then stops or gets distracted at the last second.

The first time I was alone with her at Ocean Gate, she took over my laptop. I was typing, which she thought meant “playing”. In fact, “breathing” meant “playing” to her. So she leaped onto the keyboard and my laptop went backwards so that it was propped up at a 45-degree angle. Havelock then proceeded to sit in the “V” shape it made, swatting at me whenever I came near. My friends got some very strange IMs during that time, composed almost entirely of numbers and letters from the top row of the keyboard.

There, I talked about a damn cat. Does this make it a blog post now?